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Helicobacter pylori Antigen, Stool

Performing Laboratory

Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML)


Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

Specimen Requirements

1 g of stool in a leakproof, plastic container. Send specimen refrigerated. If there is a delay in transport of >48 hours, send specimen frozen.

Note:  1. Antimicrobials, proton-pump inhibitors, and bismuth preparations can suppress H. pylori, and ingestion of these prior to testing may give a false-negative result. Treatment with these compounds should be discontinued for 2 weeks prior to testing.

2. Determination of eradication of H. pylori bacteria should be done at least 4 weeks after completion of therapy.

Reference Values


Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Saturday

Test Classification and CPT Coding