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D-Dimer, Quantitative, Plasma

Performing Laboratory

Providence Alaska Medical Center


Photo Optical

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must arrive within 8 hours of draw at ambient temperature.


Draw blood in a light blue-top (sodium citrate) tube(s). Specimen volume should not exceed ±10% of maximum fill volume. Spin down, separate plasma from cells, and send 1.5 mL (minimum volume:  1 mL) of sodium citrate plasma.  Avoid hemolysis.


Reference Values


<0.50 FEU ug/mL


Room temp:  8 hours

Frozen -20C:  1 month

Frozen -70C:  6 months

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding



If sample will arrive within 3 hours ship whole blood, room temp.

If transport delayed more than 3 hours ship plasma, frozen.