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PAP Smear

Patient Prep

Do not use vaginal lubricants, vaginal medications, vaginal contraceptives or douches within 48 hours prior to the exam. Avoid in sexual activity 24 hours prior to test.

Container Type

ThinPrep® or SurePath® vial

Specimen Type

Cervical, endocervical, vaginal

Collection Procedure

Print the first and last name of the patient on specimen container. Do not place or label the lid of the container. Obtain cervical/vaginal material. Run the collection device along the inside of the vial then, break off the tip of the collection device, into the vial. Place the container lid on tightly and shake vigorously.


Liquid-based vial

Store, Transport and Stability

Room Temp

Room Temp SurePath®: 4 weeks; ThinPrep®: 18 weeks  

Day(s) Test Set Up

Mon - Sat

Turn Around Time

2-3 days